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Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica

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I am 27 years old and suffer from chronic back pain. I have spasming in my lower back, numbness and tingling under my shoulder blades and sciatica down the back of my left leg and deep into my butt cheek. I was in two sever car accidents a month apart from each other. I got whiplash both times and went through pt. I have never been the same since the accidents. I have chronic pain spreading from my neck down throughout my back and now sciatica. I went to a chiropractor for relief and that is when the sciatica started. It was so painful I could barley walk. I ended up going to the Dr. multiple times, he said that I am too young for this type of pain from car accidents. He did an x-ray and it came back that I have slight scoliosis and spina bifida in my lower spine. However the Dr. said this should not be causing me this much pain. With out any insurance and my medical bills piling up I am forced to just suck it up and suffer through it. It has gotten better over time but now that it is rainy and cold it is starting to flare up again. Is it possible I have arthritis in my spine?? Or a disk problem?? Has anyone gone through anything like this? Thanks for reading my story.... I would appreciate any thoughts or comments!
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replied December 26th, 2011
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Hi Nina both scoliois and Spina Bifida are not good. The spina bifida could be the cause of your scoliois. If i remember correcly spina BIfida increases the chance of it developing. I think being involved in car accidents with these two conditions would increase the chances of doing more damadge.

You need an mri to get some idea of whether you have arthritis or problems with your discs. Most doctors are very proffessional yours sounds rather dissmissive of the problems you have.

Good LUck Nina.
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