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Chronic Anxiety, strong medications-don't work -Brush with death

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I have had chronic anxiety for years now, I understand this releases cortisol which is extremely unhealthy for your vascular system. It basically creates plaque.

A while ago my anxiety was so bad, I couldn't take it anymore, I severed the artery in my wrist and lost a lot of blood. My family found me passed out, the entire carpet had to be replaced. I think they said I lost about 1500-2000ccs of blood. I went to the hospital - again, and really got minimal results as far as my symptoms go. I did find out that this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed on a daily basis, which is what I do now. Anxiety is a tough one.

I am familiar with DBT and many other therapies for the past about 10 years. I am starting to think the only way I can get through this is with other peoples help, but I have many trust issues as well that get in the way. I just do not have anyone to confide in right now so I take it day by day and hope for the best.

I have bi-polar and this was a whole new motivation for me to think I wanted to die. Always in the past it was my depression. The anxiety is so bad, so intense, every single day for so long. I am trying to think positive but the thoughts of never finding content in my life start to creep in.

I feel better nowadays than I used to, but the chronic anxiety is very prevalent. I have been going to a therapist, a case manager, a psychiatrist, even talking to my aunt who is very spiritual in order to maintain during the day.

To be honest I think faith is the most effective way to treat this. Not medications, although I do follow the regiment I am on, never miss a dose.

I was wondering if anyone has any other effective ways to treat chronic stress and maybe have been through a similar situation. I am new on here and this was an idea that popped in my head - a perfect way to get peoples advice without being embarrassed about my situation. Any suggestions or comments welcome, thanks guys/girls.
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replied March 27th, 2012
Anxiety meds don't work
Hi there,

I just came across your post and what you are describing I feel as if I have heard many times over - from my best friend. I suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression myself so I know how crippling it can be. The reason I came across your particular post is that my friend doesn't feel the relief from medication that I feel. I can take a Xanax and feel better - not all better, but it will at least take enough out of my head that I lose that "anxiety stomach".

My friend feels no help from medication. NONE. She has been hospitalized with her condition and is currently taking the strongest medications - valium, librium, effexor, neurontin, lamictal, and buspar - but she says they don't help. She also doesn't get to the "flat stage" or that feeling of being numb. I have experienced this feeling myself and while it isn't pleasant I would prefer feeling numb as opposed to the nervous stomach, anxious, heart-racing feeling she describes to me. The issue is so severe she has some physical abdominal soreness from feeling anxious all the time.

I am trying to help her the only way I know how, which is to find out some more information. She, like you, sees a therapist, a psychiatrist, and has faith in God (that's how I took your "spiritual Aunt" so forgive me if I'm wrong) but nothing works. It is a struggle for her to get through the day. I know what that feeling is like, as well as the terror of anxiety - but there is usually something that alleviates the feeling; whether it be medication, an event that I'm anxious about comes and goes, etc. - so I do feel some relief.

Thank you very much for your post. I know it takes courage to put information out there the way you have. Any thoughts or words of advice? What can I do for my friend? Are there possible physical conditions that can cause that same feeling of anxiety that just won't go away? Have you experienced the "feeling in the pit of your stomach" that just won't go away?

My friend is losing hope, which as you know can be a terrible thing. This has been an on-going issue for 10+ years but the "nervous stomach" feeling has been constant, with only slight relief, for over 2 years. Therapy sessions, dr visits, good old-fashioned lending an ear on my part, and every medication in the book aren't helping her right now.....

Thanks again.
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