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Choosing effect birth control method

I am currently using condoms with my boyfriend but I want something extra plus if we end up together for the long haul we realistically do not want to use condoms indefinitely (we are monogamous and have regular exams and blood tests every year. I asked him to go for testing before even we slept together). I do not plan to have children ever and I want a tubal ligation but it's hard finding a doctor that will approve it when you've never had children. I am 32 so I believe I am old enough to know what I want.

I went off the pill a while ago because of the severe hormonal issues I was having on it. I was on othro cylcen. Before that I was on ortho tri cyclen low but it didn't work for me either. I was having two full fledged periods every month (not spotting. I mean full bleeding and cramping for days), bloating that wouldn't go away (I seriously looked a few months pregnant and my belly was hard and very sore), migraines, extreme mood swings and bad depression. Plus I was getting yeast infection after yeast infection which is costly to treat. Even taking probiotics wasn't helping and typically it keeps them away.

I have tried the nuva ring too years ago. I do not want to be on hormonal bc because it messes me up and while it was fine when I was in my 20's I don't think my system can handle it quite as well anymore. So I'm considering physical methods... However:

I have dysmenorrhea, chronic bladder infections and possible Interstitial cystitis. I am going to get an exam done by an urologist next month. So an IUD is kind of out of the question being that it causes heavier bleeding, cramping and makes you more prone to bladder infections.

The sponge, cervical cap, or diaphragm aren't as effective as other methods plus I've read they can make you prone to infections like UTIS. Plus I have had reactions to spermicide (on a condom) before. I am also prone to getting BV. I don't know why but I have always been extra sensitive down there. I have to use unscented and undyed laundry detergent and unscented feminine hygiene products. I accidently bought scented panti liners once and I got a rash.

So I'm not sure what to do now. My bf is talking about getting a vasectomy (he has kids of his own and doesn't want any more) however I have no idea when that would be plus if we ever broke up and I started seeing someone else I need to know my options. So far I see nothing but issues with all of them (other than tubal).
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replied December 24th, 2017
I can see there's been no replies. It's really helpful that after HOW long of having birth control that they haven't managed to develop something that is both highly effective with little to no side effects...
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