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Cholelithiasis , Diabetes Mellitus , Hypertension , COAD with Hy

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Medical Advice

My mother aged 75 years has been diagnosed with

Cholelithiasis , Diabetes Mellitus , Hypertension , COAD with Hyposemia , Hyperuricaemia

Brief Medical Test Report performed at Imternational Hospital,Guahati dated 28/11/11 are as follows.

DLC: P61 L31 M03 E05 SAP:142 U/L
ESR: 50mm AEFH TSH: 3.64 uIU/ml
Hb%: 11.8 gm% HBsAg: Negative
RBS: 172 mg/dl HIV: Negative
Creat: 1.4 mg/dl Platelet: 131000/cumm
Chest PA view: There is cardiomegaly
Urine R/E: Albumin:Trace, RBC:Ocasional, Pus Cell: 6 ?? 8/HPF, E.cell: ++
ECHO: Concentric LVH
Good LV systolic function
Diastolic dysfunction (Grade 11)
USG whole abdomen:
Simple (category 1) left renal cortical cyst
Cholelithiasis with chronic cholecystitis

ABG: Temp; 98 F Hb: 1.8
FIO2: 21.0 PO2: 65.7 PCO2: 35.6 pH: 7.406
HCO3: 21.7 BE: -2.2 TCO2: 22.6 BB: 40.3
O2 SAT: 87.4 O2CT: 2.3 AA DO2: 56.2

Spirometry (FVC Results) : FEVI/FVC (%) 72.40
Pre Medication Report indicates
Early Small Airway Obstruction as FEF 25 ?? 75 %Pred or PEFR % pred < 70
Spirometry within normal limits as (FEVI / FVC) % Pred > 95 and FVC % Pred > 80

Nb: Medical consultation taken from Dr.S.B.Das. MD, DNB, Dr. Neil Bordoloi MD,DM (AIIMS)

Present Medication:
(1) Nitrocontin 2.6 ?? 1 Tab twice daily, (2) Ranozex ?? 1 Tab once daily, (3) Clopilet ?? 1 Tab Once daily, (4) Aztor 10 ?? 1 Tab Once Daily (5) Zoryl ?? M 1 ?? Tab Once Daily, (6) Telmikind ?? AM Tab Once Daily (7) Seroflo 250 inhaler ?? Once Daily (6) Tiova inhaler ?? Twice Daily

Please suggest the nature of treatment. Is it possible to undergo surgery under present medical condition and her chance of recovery.Also please inform me about the period of hospital stay and the appx expenditure.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully
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