hi, i was wondering whether you could offer me any advice.
basically i have a health problem and i don't know what it is or what the cure is. i was wondering whether you could possibly tell me /might know whet it is.
basically i have this problem where a few weeks back i woke up one day to find that i couldn't breathe as my throat seemed to be blocked/closed over with mucus/saliva. i was choking and could hardly swallow the mucus in my throat down.
the only way i could clear/unblock my throat was to drink water to swallow it down. i found it impossible to cough up. the mucus also entered my nose.
i went to the doctor several times and i even went to A&E because i was so scared.
in the end the last doctor i saw gave me some tablets called 'mucodyne capsules' to take.
basically i have to take 3 a day. bascally i can breathe when i'm on these tablets, but as soon as i stop taking them/if i happen to forget to take them for a day or two then my throat starts to close over and fill up with a thick mucus again.
basically what is going on?
i know my doctor has prescribed me the mucodyn capsules and is keeping me on them but he failed to tell me exactly what it is that is wrong with me?
what is likely wrong with me?
what illness do I have???
can you possbly tell me?
i feel like i have something wrong with my throat.
what's wrong with me?
i am still taking the 'mucodyn' tablets and am seeing my doctor.
what illness do I have/what's wrong with me??!!!!!
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replied May 25th, 2008
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does it only happen in the morning? if it does do you sleep with your mouth open or closed?

it could be a post nasel drip and a dry mouth mixed together, i know if i sleep with my mouth open it gets so dry i cant swallow the mucus from my post nasel drip
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replied April 29th, 2010
I''ve been having terrible throat problems as well and nobody has the answer or quickly just jump to the conclusion of sleep apnea. If I sleep on my left I wake up suddenly at nighttryimg to gasp for air with a feeling of a liquid in my bronchis and lungs. Or my right tonsil feels extremely irratated . The only way nowis to sleep on my right and hope I don''t die. Here are some possible reasons I''ve found .

Don''t eat 3 hours before going to bed because this might cause stomach acid from doing up and seeping down to the lung that''s lying down. Avoid spicyfoods that cause bad heartburn.

Don''t drink alcohol anymorebecause it relaxes your throat muscles too much.

Try working out. Because maybe there''s obstruction in yourthroat from beingover weight.

I believe mine is a combination of everything including a bad jaw alignment where my lower jaw sinks down when I sleep causing obstruction . I''m going to tryagain at the doctors tomorrowfor the 5 th time until they can help me.

I don''t want to die in my sleep.
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