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Chocolate cysts & unable to conceive

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Its been 6yrs since I am married. I have chocolate cyst on my left ovary and its big than it should be. Irrespective of it, we have been trying to conceive, but no luck so far. Actually, we thought of having a baby only by the end of last year. Since its been more than 6 months now without any positive results we consulted a Fertility clinic. The doctor was very good and she prescribed me some medicines and asked me to keep trying for another 6 months. I even did a HSG test and the result was normal. So the doctor advised me against a laparoscopy now for the cyst.

So with some positivity and great hopes I started taking the medicines and its been a month and a half now, but still with no luck. Every month when the symptoms for my periods start showing at least 10 days before my date I get all depressed and hopeless. I end up crying like a baby once I get my periods, upsetting my husband who tries to remain positive all the while.

This anticipation game is killing me deeply inside. Is it normal to take some time once the medication starts? Or is it just me?

I am desperate to have a baby. All of mine and my hubby's friends and relatives who got married after us had babies. We are the only childless couple in our circle. Its given me a lot of inferiority complex lately. I have started avoiding everyone as I cant bear anyone asking me "Guys don't delay and have kids, if you have any problem visit a good Dr." I don't know if its concern or trying to know what's happening in our life. And when strangers ask "you have any child? If No, then- How many years since you are married & why don't you consult any Dr.? Its hurting me a lot. People with kids don't understand the pain I guess.

Hoping for a miracle to happen as I know its all in the Almighty's hands. Plz do pray for me. I need it big time.
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replied April 26th, 2015
Chocolate cyst can interfere with your ability to get pregnant but this is not the end of the world. The odds of being fertile in spite of cyst are very good if there is only one cyst and it is small in size. Many doctors believe surgery is not the solution to this problem. The danger is that this unnecessary surgery can actually reduce your fertility, as normal ovarian tissue is also removed along with the cyst wall, thus reducing your ovarian reserve. Drugs may be helpful in relieving symptoms temporarily but do not treat or actually remove the cyst. But how long it will take for them to give any benefit depends on your cyst size and overall health.
I think you REALLY need to push to have that cyst removed (anything over 5cm's needs surgical intervention) before you get pregnant. The chances of achieving a pregnancy are maximal within a few months after the surgery. Many doctors prefer medical suppression with surgery as cysts tend to recur. It is very important to get expert opinion and decide mutually what’s best for you.
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replied April 27th, 2015
Hi Valda

Thank you for reading my post and replying to it. Yes, like you said, the cysts are recurring in nature, and I already had a cyst removed via laparoscopy few yrs. back. This is the 2nd cyst and big in size. Since I already had a procedure done once, this time the Dr. advised me against it at least for some time, i.e. till we try our best to conceive naturally. But the problem here is that I am unable to see any ray of light at the end of the tunnel. I just feel that there is no way out of this tunnel. I feel hopeless and helpless. Expectations from my in-laws and parents are adding on to the miserable feeling of not having a child yet. I agree that its not end of the world, but I am sure you would agree that a woman is complete only after she has a baby. Otherwise I don't see a proper life cycle here.
Hope God blesses me too. Do pray for me.
God bless you!
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replied October 21st, 2016
Hi Torture,
Stay positive . God hears and sees everything that may be a response to your prays.
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replied June 9th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
I would have o tell your parents & in-laws to stop stressing you both out by talking about this problem front of you. I would find another MD or specialist that would be willing to this surgery.
After that heals, my friend had problems getting pregnant and her MD said for her to get on her knees and for hubby to enter vagina from behind her and for her to lay there for 2 hours each time. no bath tub only shower...............relax........distress , take telephone off the hook, lock all the doors. Don't answer questions from family about this, walk away if the ask question. Special prayers for you.
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