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Chlorine smelling white vaginal discharge and abdominal pain

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I have not had a normal period since december 24th 2011 (had a very light period lasting one day on february 28th 2012). i have been having abdominal pain since january. i have had pregnancy tests, std screening, blood tests and sonogram cultures for infection and everything was normal. i am now having very strong chlorine smelling white vaginal discharge. my abdominal pain is getting worse and the discharge and odor begin just hours after I shower. I have had sexual intercourse twice since my last dr appt using condoms. My paid feels like my period is coming right now but it isnt due until april. (my periods have always been completely regular until now, lasting 4 days every 35 days since 2000) What could this be and what do i do? I feel like I am bothering my GYN because she always says the same thing that everything is normal. :'(
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replied March 30th, 2012
Sometimes you have to switch doctors, you know your body better than anyone else. It had to believe that many trained professionals act clueless but remember they are in the business of making money, the more repeat visits you make the more they profit, they may wait until the situation gets really bad before they treat you. Many doctors are also scientist and they will wait things out to see what happens if this isn't treated or when this or that is.

Unless your married always practice safe sex. Men are opportunities and most habitually sleep around which by the way puts your health at risk, you should be eye balling your boyfriend
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