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chlamydia worries

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I have a question about the effects of chlamydia. 2 years ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. We started having sex again within a few months and last summer he received oral sex from a girl that had chlamydia. A week later, we had sex. He experienced discomfort during urination so he went to the STI clinic and was tested. His results came back positive for chlamydia and as soon as he found out, he told me. Then I got tested and my results came back positive for chlamydia a week later. I was treated immediately. Therefore, I was affected with chlamydia for approximately 3 weeks before having it treated. My boyfriend and I have been back together for 9 months and since last November, sex has been painful. I went to the doctor in december and the doctor initially thought the pain was caused by a bladder problem. In January, I was tested again for a variety of STI's including chlamydia and gonorrhea. The results came back negative. After getting a cytoscopy 1 month ago, the doctor performing the cystoscopy confirmed that my bladder is normal. My family doctor then considered the possibility that, as he put it, "the chlamydia caused parts of your ovaries and the surrounding area to be stuck together in ways they shouldn't be". i am extremely worried about this. I am waiting to see a gynecologist for a second opinion but I may not get in for another 5 months. After that, it could take up to a year for me to get in for surgery to fix the positioning of my fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc. I am extremely worried for my health. My boyfriend and I rarely have sex anymore. Should we be having sex at all? is it possible that sex could damage my sex organs? my boyfriend and I want to have children and I don't want to mess up our chances of that. Also, do you think that 3 weeks of me having chlamydia could have damaged my sex organs so severely that I will be infertile?

I appreciate any feedback on this.
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