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Chipped shin bone getting worse

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I recently re injured my shin bone by hitting against something at the cottage while working. It has been about 2 months now since the re injury, since thin I have about the size of a half golf ball size bump in the middle of my shin. I have gotten x-rays and it was confirmed that, Yes there was a chipped bone in my shin and was recommended to elevate and take some anti inflammatory and that was it. I went back a second time with much of the same results by the Doctor telling me to continue on with this. My problem is, and I told the doctor is that is getting worse fast and my skin is becoming very irritable around the bump almost rash like and itchy. The bump is painful and not getting any better. What does the itchiness have to do with the chipped bone? and will this ever heal?
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replied November 1st, 2011
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The small chip of bone will not reattach to the tibia, if that is what you are asking. The swelling around the chip is inflammation. Gradually, the body will form fibrous tissue around the small chip of bone and the inflammation will decrease. Inflammation is the first stage of healing.

You may always have a small raised area in the soft tissues.

The area on the tibia that the chip came from, will remodel over the years.

But, it can take quite a long time for the inflammation to go away. In some very rare cases a cortisone injection in the inflamed area will help. Removing a small piece of normal bone will probably set up an even larger inflammatory response.

Unfortunately, this is usually a problem that has to take care of itself. Of course, problems like a local infection should be ruled out. But, in general, a tincture of time, antiinflammatories, compression, elevation (if needed), avoid palpation of an inflamed area (which stimulates more inflammation), and avoid further injury to the area, are about the only things to do.

But, if it is not any better is a few weeks, you might consider seeing an orthopedic surgeon.

Good luck.
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