ive chipped a bone in my left foot,its the second from my big toe.im worried as i cant bend any of my toes and its got a burning sensation also my ankle is aching all the time and i cant walk on it at all a week after the accident .is this normal thankyou
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replied July 21st, 2011
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No, it is not normal. Unfortunately, many non-orthopedic doctors dismiss chip fractures as insignificant, when they can actually be the sign of a severe injury. Not always, but sometimes.

Chip fractures are of two kinds. The first is a small fleck that has been pulled off the bone, when a ligament or tendon got ripped off its attachment. The other is a slightly larger piece of bone, that got knocked off the corner of a bone when two bones slammed into each other.

Just because the fragment is small does not mean it is an insignificant injury. Yes, sometimes, the chip is just a tiny portion of a ligament, and it is essentially a bad sprain. But, in other cases, it can portend a significant ligament or articular cartilage injury.

So, if the foot does not feel better soon, you should probably see an orthopedic surgeon. Or someone who can tell if the chip is significant or not. Good luck.
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