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Children with white matter lesions....

Hello all,
My daughter is now 14. A year and a half ago she was sent for a brain MRI due to very odd symptoms (shaking of the right hand, pain and numbness in both legs, blurry vision, severe headaches, one toe cramped up and couldn't move)
Her MRI came back with white matter lesions, scattered on both cerebrum hemispheres. Being that her C-spine MRI was negative for any lesions, the MS specialist recommended the "watch and wait" approach.
My daughter is not one to complain at all, she's strong and independent so when she does complain to me I know it must be bad! She is constantly tired, no matter where she is she could easily take a nap. The headaches are basically every day. She gets muscle spasams so bad in her calves that she screems for us from her room. She also gets wacky feelings where she will say "mom I feel like my hands wet but it's not". She falls a lot from her one ankle that gives out.

So for the big question that I hope someone can give me insight on is as follows: Sje had her F/U MRI last week, we have an appointment with a new MS specialist as the other one left the practice. I received the report and it states that there are no new lesions seen, same scattered white matter lesions are seen. Oh also, she is allergic to the contrast IV which really stinks!
My questions is could this really be MS? Is it possible to have symptoms (not as bad as the first horrible attach) off and on but no new lesions? Has anyone ever heard of brain lesions in a child and it be something other than MS?

Our fear is for her to be misdiagnosed at the young age of 14 with no treatment if she does in fact have MS.

I'm sorry my post is so long and I thank you all for listening and taking the time to read my story!

Thank you!!
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