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Child with skin cancer?

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I have a 10 yr old daughter who has reddish(auburn) hair and LOTS of freckles-she gets this from me! She has 2 freckles that do not look the same as the others, one is on her arm and it has a black dot in the center of it and is a bit raised-it has been this way for at least a few yrs without any changes. The other is on the side of her neck and is also raised but over the last few months she says it itches and over the last few weeks now has a red ring around it. I have made an appt with a dermatologist but they can't get us in for at least 3 weeks, I'm really nervous (my mom has basal/squamous cell) should I insist on getting in sooner? Does it sound like something to be concerned with?
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replied September 3rd, 2009
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Freckles aren't raised skin lesions.
They are flat, light brown or red, skin dots.
It is very possible that the two lesions you are mentioning are moles.
Moles with uneven color (black dot), area of red ring around the mole, changed sensations like pain and/or itchiness are all symptoms that warrant medical attention.
These changes may indicate some inflammation due to accidental mechanical irritation of the mole (redness, itchiness), but may also indicate some cancerous changes.

If it is possible to arrange an appointment sooner than 3 weeks, than do it!

Please, keep me updated!
Best wishes!
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