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Child - Not Able to Crawl or Walk

Good Morning,

I am writing to you in regards to my younger cousin who is overseas and is now two years old. For the past year we've noticed he can kick his legs and is able to move them, but he doesn't seem to have the strength to crawl on the floor. When putting him on his belly, he cannot lift himself up and his legs seem to slide from underneath him not being able to support him. We've tried using a walker but the moment his legs touch the floor it seems like there is no strength to them. He can kick/ move them in the air, but not exert force with them the moment they touch the floor.

He is in good health according to doctors.

We are worried that there might be an unknown condition for his leg that they might not be able to diagnose overseas. Would you know any condition that would resemble this and is this something we should be worried about at his age?

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