for the last few weeks, my mother who has advanced altzeimers, has taken to chewing through the duvet cover through to the fibre filling, then spitting the pieces out onto the floor. we have asked her residential home to switch her over to sheet and blanket,as there could have been a danger of choking on the duvet filling.It stopped for a week or two, but she has started chewing lumps out of the sheet and blanket. We have had the domicillary dentist check her teeth and gums, which are both fine. Do you have any idea why she is doing this?
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replied July 21st, 2009
She may be bored or possibly hungry..Maybe keeping something simple for her to chew that won't choke her will be beneficial..Little Marshmellows would be great..
Or it might just be a new habit she has developed..
My sister use to pick her bedspread apart by pulling any thread and keeping it going..It frustrated her to not be able to do this..So it could be that your mom needs something to just keep her hands busy..I wonder if the childrens counter would be good for her? It would keep her hands busy..The counter I see is the one where the beads go side to side..
There always seems tobe possiblilites..I hope you can find a trick that helps her..kd
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replied February 28th, 2010
I've experienced the same symptom with my patient. Although not only did she chew on her linens but also cups, her fingers and fingernails, her clothes and jewelry, anything. I found the best thing for her chewing was to give her a hard baby chew toy(like baby keys). A hard dog chew toy would also work. My patient will not stop the is something about the sensation effect of it! So I recommend just finding something to chew on that is safe and cannot be bitten into any tiny pieces.
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