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Chest tightness

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I have been suffering from tight chest and pressure in the head for the last 10 years.

I get this tightness and pressure immediately after eating or drinking anything. Because it has been happening for so many years, I have the pain for all most 24/7/365.

My heart was tested but cardiac problems were ruled out.

Food allergy tests were also negative.

GI thinks that I have acid reflux. I recently had upper endoscopy and everything looked ok. I am still waiting for biopsy results. My doc asked me to try Zantac, Prilosec, Pantoprazole Sod but nothing gave me even the slightest relief. I also tried baking soda, apple cider vinegar, TUMS but they didn't help either.

I don't know what to do. I don't know why my doc thinks it is acid reflux. Other than chest tightness and pressure in the head I do not have other typical symptoms of acid reflux. Also the acid reflux medication is not giving any relief and upper endoscopy didn't give any indications of acidity.

But my immediate problem is to find some solution that can atleast give me temporary relief. I am literally not able to do anything in life because of this chronic and iritating tightness.

Can anybody please give some advice? Thank you.
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First Helper floina

replied September 1st, 2008
chest tightness
I have had chest pressure for 6 months and had heart test etc etc. I have been told by my Gastro dr that because my endoscopy was normal I may have something called oesophageal spasm !? Does your throat feel tight sometimes ? As you get the feeling after eating meals it might be the same ( i don't feel acid reflux in my throat). His advice is unfortunatly there is not much they can do but eat smaller more frequent meals and I could try something like amitriptyline( ant-depressant ).

Do you get anxious also, My doctor says there is a connection.
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replied September 2nd, 2008
Thank you
Thank you very much for your reply. I was reading about esophageal spams and mentioned this to my Gastro dr but he said the testing for spasms was painful and also because spasms occur because of acidity, he wanted me to continue with zantact etc. For some reason he is not impressed with spasms possibilty, he still wants to work with acidity only.

I do not feel anything in my throat though. no tightness, no acid feeling either.

I get anxious after eating food. Especially after hot and spicy food, I become very anxious.

Living with these symptoms seems to be very tough. I am not able to do anything in life. I tried eating very less food, drink lot of water etc but nothing gave me any relief
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replied September 3rd, 2008
Poor you, I really sympathise. There have been days for me too when I just want to give up. But I have noticed that on days when I am engrossed in something else I notice my symptoms less, which leads me to believe ( grudgingly !) that my problem may be due to anxiety in part.

The things I have found helpful are drinking aloe vera juice three times a day before meals, its really soothing and gaviscon at betime. I have given up hot drinks and things like tomatoes, citrus, cut down on wheat and try to meditate sometimes which seems to really help. I also take acidopholus to put good bacteria back into the stomach.

Sometimes our bodies are tense without us realising. Do you think you are very stressed ?
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