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Chest Pains That Come & Go-what should I do?

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Hello, I am a 23 year old male who experiences occasional chest pains. I am pretty fit and workout 4 times/week most weeks and eat as clean as possible. I turned to a vegan diet in July of 2017 for many reasons but one of them was because of fear from my on & off again chest pains. I have frequent chronic chest pains especially on the left side that always annoys and frightens me. Sometimes it suddenly comes on as a severe stabbing/stinging/sharp pain in my left upper chest that takes my breath away and really freaks me out and other times it is more of a dull ache. My left arm/shoulder sometimes feels tense or tight as well. When I workout, lift, play tennis, or do cardio it doesn’t bother me much but when I just straight run on a treadmill for 5-10 minutes my chest gets pretty tight and kind of a “heavy” feeling like I can’t get a full breathe. I just don’t get it because it is so off & on sometimes occurring a couple times per day, sometimes occurring for multiple days in a row, and sometimes only once every week or so but it always comes back. I do have anxiety and know some of it could be psychosomatic, but it for sure isn’t completely all psychosomatic because real pain does occur which freaks me out and then gets my anxiety going. I know most cardiac issues aren’t so off & on and I have been checked out by my doctor once before and he assured me that he believed everything seems okay but never did any tests or anything in depth. Should I explore this further, seek another opinion, or should I be confident in it being perfectly notmal & not being anything to worry about and just something I need to get used to it? If you have any ideas as to what it could be, ways to prevent/treat it, or suggestions moving forward please let me know! Thank you and have a great day!
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