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chest pains, fever, weak immune system

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Hello, I'm unsure if this is the correct place for this. If I have posted it in the wrong forum I apologize.

All of my life I have been very weak and sickly. I get sick very often, for a long time, and quite badly. When I was younger I was told I had anemia, which I suppose makes sense since I was born 8 weeks early and my grandmother had severe anemia as well. I have experienced all of the symptoms of it my entire life and it has caused me a lot of problems, especially in the past few years.

Starting late 2012 it began to get worse - I would have severe daily chest pains (lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes), constant low-grade fevers, headaches, and all the usual symptoms of anemia. I would experience it off and on since then but it seemed about once or twice a year it got really bad and I just couldn't function at all. Like I said I've always been weak but it got like this really bad since late 2012 and ever since then has been worse than ever.

Of course I would take vitamins, drink water, eat healthy but it seemed nothing would really improve it and it'd just get gradually better in time. Finally a couple months ago it got worse than ever before and I went to the doctor. I told her I suspect it's anemia but it's never been this bad, what can I do about it, etc.

She took some blood. She said my bone marrow reticulocyte count was low. She said that my blood is normal but my bone marrow doesn't make enough baby cells or something like that... she said that was why my immune system was weak and why I kept getting sick.

Lately I would also get sick worse than ever, it took me like 3 weeks to get over a simple cold. Since September it went like this 3 weeks of a cold, 1 week doing better, 3 weeks of a cold, one week doing better, 3 weeks of a cold, then I was doing better but today I got sick again. When I was sick I could barely even think straight or do anything at all, I felt awful.

She said my iron was low too. But then she told me, "but you don't have anemia". I didn't really get it since I was told I did when I was younger, have all the symptoms and my iron is low.. but ok, if she says I don't have it that's a good thing. But she said if I don't take care of myself, I will get aplastic anemia. I said what more can I do, I eat healthy, drink water, drink gatorade (as she had told me to do at first) but I'm still getting fevers and chest pains.

She sent me to a hematologist. They also told me, I don't have anemia, but said the same stuff about my bone marrow and iron.

They said, so nothing is wrong with your blood, you don't have to come in anymore.

Now I feel lost at what to do. How can they tell me I could get aplastic anemia, I have low iron, my bone marrow reticulocyte is low and something about not enough baby cells and that's why my immune system sucks. But nothing is wrong with my blood? I'm still getting fevers and chest pain and it's inhibiting my life! Ok, so my blood is fine, then what is it? I may as well have aplastic anemia already since I have all the same symptoms. What do I do now? I don't really like spending half my life in bed with a fever and constant chest pains.

I don't drink soda, eat many sweets or bad foods, I avoid fast food altogether. I may not have a perfectly healthy lifestyle but heck, I think I'm doing better than most in the USA. So when people just tell me I need to "eat better and exercise" when I'm doing more than they are yet they don't deal with this either it makes me want to throw up my arms. I will say I don't exercise too much because it makes my heart beat too fast and hurt and I can't breathe very well. But I still don't think that's my problem.
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replied December 17th, 2014
My heart beats really fast and hard painfully and it seems random because it happens even when I'm not exercising (though it still does it from slight exercise every time). They did an EKG and said nothing is wrong but it's not like this 24/7 only every now and then so I think that's why they didn't see anything wrong.

I feel dizzy, nauseous, and incredibly tired all the time. I could sleep for 16 hours straight but at the same time I always wake up in the night like 6 times and can't fall back asleep easily.

I have fevers and headaches every day and chest pain too. The fevers usually only last for 2-3 hours but sometimes they last all day then into the next. The headaches usually last like 4 hours or are kind on and off all day. I'm always short of breath. When I stand up after sitting down it feels like all the blood rushes to my head and I feel disoriented. I feel weak and shaky all the time.

Again I may not be on the healthiest diet ever and work out every day but I just don't understand, I drink water and gatorade as she told me, eat well, eat enough, I definitely get enough sleep. I take vitamins every day too. What could possibly be the problem? I'm only 21.
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