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Chest pains and anxiety worsen before and during period?

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Hi every one. Just recently... I've noticed that my chest pains and other anxiety symptoms gets worse before and during my menstrual cycle. Does this happen for you ladies? I've had numerous ekgs- blood work-and chest xrays. All came back normal. Should I be worried... Or is it just my anxiety? I dont want to go to the doctor to hear its just my anxiety and to spend more money. I hope I hear from someone soon. Thank you.

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replied December 14th, 2011
Hi there!

I know this an old post of yours but I was doing research on the internet and came across your question/comment regarding chest pains. I have been feeling the SAME thing and now I have figured out the pattern that it's before my period. I am soo glad to know there are other people feeling the same thing. Not that I want others to be in pain but at least I know it's not in my head. From what I've read it could be hormone related (perhaps you are too young for that!) I was also researching and came across something called PRINZMETAL ANGINA. Gotta read some more. But yes, I have chest pains that feel like serious heart bur, almost like I pulled a muscle in my sternum area or something. I am curious, have you had a resolution to this problem or seen any doctors. Hope you feel better. Thanks
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