im currently 21 years of age and like 3 years ago i felt a strange pain to my left hand side like something is gripping my heart.
After feeling this pain all day long for 3 months i saw as many as 10 different doctors who couldn't specify the cause i had my heart examined as well as my lungs my stomach and pretty much everything else and the last doctor i saw told me that it is related to my intestines and that it is caused by stress.
He prescribed a bunch of pills but they didn't really do any good
please if somebody knows something about the subject i would be grateful, it is really becoming intense and it is driving me crazy...
thanks in advance

PS: the pain aggravates when i smoke weed and i smoke really rarely like once every 2 to 3 months
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replied March 8th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
It is good that you at least told your doctor that the pain does exsist. If the pain is there when you are not smoking then we might be talking a completly different story. As far as weed goes, it is a central nerveous system drug. Meaning it can play havic with the nevers in any part of your body. I would question the reason why it happens even when you are not smoking more then when you do.

Good luck,
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