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Chest pain (not during a panic attack)

I've had severe panic attacks for a few years now. When they first started getting ambulance-worthy I did the usual. Some blood tests, a 24 hour heart monitor, all that. I was diagnosed, took some medication for a while until I wasn't having them daily, then stopped to see if it would stay away. So far it mostly has. A few weaker attacks, but over the years I've gotten better at coping and keeping them controlled. And I spent a lot of time being stubborn and putting myself in the situations that trigger them before I started the medication just to get better at beating them down.

But I ran into something new. I've started having random, very short (kind of like someone pricked me then stopped instantly) chest pains. Left side of my chest exclusively. Sometimes it's on the side, right before the area where my arm normally rests. Sometimes from the front of the left chest. Sharp, no after-pain, and while I haven't gone through the same battery of tests I did the first time I have had blood work done since it happened and been to the doctor on a normal checkup - though I didn't mention it then. Nothing but perfect marks though. I assumed it was stress. The muscles in that area got really sore for a while, not due to activity. Life got rough, and I'm still dealing with the cause of stress. I've definitely been a ball of tension.

The only thing I can think of that might count as a change is I've mostly quit smoking using patches. Though that should probably be a positive one, not a cause of this. It's definitely been longer than the normal stepping down schedule. I'm weak so I'm taking it slow. But I can't see a pattern between wearing patches and when the pain happens. Some days nothing, some days some, sometimes when I'm not even wearing one. And the pain didn't start when I started using patches, it was way later.

Since I've had blood work done and my ticker seems to be ok I guess it probably is stress. I just wanted to see if anyone has run into this. Or if there's some other explanation I'm missing. And if there's any way to prevent it. I've been able to push down the panic attacks it's wanting to cause so far but it's not a fight I like having with myself.
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replied November 13th, 2012
Anonydisp hi, You started having panic attack while smoking? Or after quitting using nicotine patches?

The reason i am asking:
I've never had any panic attacks in my life, even slight version of it. I even couldn't imagine what is it...
However after using nicotine patches i started having BIG anxiety which later developed into panic attacks.

Here is one more guy saying the same:
A few months ago I tried to quit smoking using a generic version of the nicotine patch that I purchased at a local CVS. I used the patch for a few days and some minor side effects such as dizziness, problems sleeping, cold sweats in the middle of the night, and minor stomach pain. I would smoke half a cigarette almost every night after removing the patch ( I realized that was not smart now, after reading post online about it = ). Anyways, I decided 4-5 days after using it that I wasn't going to quit smoking, so I took off the patch and stuck some chew in my mouth. I started driving and had a panic attack. I spit the chew out, pulled over and hyperventilated for awhile before continuing on my way to college. Ever since that night 4 months ago I have had anxiety problems, I visited a doctor and he prescribed me (Clonazepam). Taking this pill every night seems to relieve my anxiety by a fair amount, and I keep one with me just in case I have a anxiety attack as it seems to provide immediate relief. After 3 months of taking this pill once a day the doctor told me to cut my dosage by 1/2. The problem is I feel like all the pill did was hold my anxiety at bay and without it I will surely have anxiety attacks daily, it hinders my ability to do anything social for the fear of having a anxiety attack. Im constantly worried about having one. My question is " Can the nicotine patch that I took, that seems to have caused the anxiety, be the source of my anxiety? and if so what can I do about it?" I have no doubt in my mind that I had a nicotine overdose that resulted in this anxiety issues I now have. The doctors I have seen don't seem empathetic to anxiety at all and just brush it off as if it isn't a huge deal ( and trust me it is ) Has anyone else had these seemingly long-term effects from Nicotine patches? What can I do about it Sad?
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