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Chest pain, memory problems, anxiety for a long time

Male, 26, 5 10 about 230...gained 40lbs in a year and a half, Im a father of 2 small children and married to the love of my life. I have a highly stressful, but good job. It started January 15th of last year. I started getting this stabbing in my chest while remodeling a house. I waited it out a day but eventually went to the ER. He said nothing was up on the chest xray or ekg. I then went to the cardiologist. I had a stress test, and echo done. Also a holter monitor test. I felt so bad after the running that i havent ran since. my heart flops all around when i run or even walk too much or exercise, plus ive been getting really light headed. Ive been having a lot of trouble breathing, and this chest pain hasnt subsided. Weird cough...tough to swallow a lot. VERY BAD MEMORY. Im so spacey all the time. My right eye twitches...a lot... Heart doctor said i was having anxiety attacks back to back to back. REALLY????? For a year and a half now?????? ITS HASNT STOPPED YET!!! I cant enjoy my life. I hurt so much all the time. Im forgetting **** left and right. I cant remember easy things. I get sharp pains in my elbow, my upper chest mid and left part of my chest. there has been no relief. I do good just to get up and go to work. I fear my wife will so leave me because im so consumed with all the pain ive been in. My work has tried to get rid of me a couple of times in the past year and a half. My life is in shambles. I've tried taking several pills and vitamins, MAGNESIUM, IRON, VIT D, POTASSIUM, FISH OIL, PROBIOTIC, NEXIUM...I throw up after every doesnt stay down good, but ive had this problem for 11 years, LISINOPRIL..blood pressure usually runs 150-160/90-95.... FLUOXITINE...didnt help....I have trouble using the bathroom. My muscles definately hurt a lot. I have had 2 cpk tests run high...230, 280. Im so scared you guys. Ive prayed about it so hard. I just want to be a good dad and husband and be 100 percent for my family. i really need help. Nothing has helped me. Please...ill write you a check for helping me beat whatever this is. Im so sick of hearing ANXIETY...thats such a generic answer and i have too many physical symptoms....ive considered... Lymes disease, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Heart blockage, Lung Blockage, MS, Muscular Dystrophy.....all kinds of things. Im so scared and need your help.....please....thank you so much for reading this....i pray to God youll answer and help!!!! I live in TN. I really need an answer and solution!!!!
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replied June 10th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Sorry you are having problems.

You have had the "million dollar" work up for any cardiac problems. So, you can rule out anything to do with the heart.

Your constellation of symptoms does not really match that of MS or Lyme disease.

You may have to face up the fact that it is an anxiety disorder. It is very common for patients with an anxiety disorder to have many "aches and pains", problems with memory and other cognitive functioning, and "problems" with the GI tract (such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc).

But, you can see your general practitioner and have the usual base line labs done, to see if anything shows up.

But, if nothing shows up, you may have to face the fact that you may have an anxiety disorder. And, this would not be the end of the world. There are very good treatments for anxiety.

Good luck.
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