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Chest Pain Explaination?

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19 year old female.
40mg Adderall XR every morning.
A week ago I was having chest pain. It started around 3PM and became gradually worse over time. I was experiencing shortness of breath, but not to the point of being unable to breath. I also felt nauseous, but did not feel like I was going to get sick. At around 11PM my right arm started to become numb and cold. It felt like the circulation was being cut off. My jaw and throat began to hurt, as well as my inner ears burning, on and off for the next few hours. By around 4AM my arm had regained feeling and the pain in my jaw, throat, and ears had been reduced. I could still feel my chest pounding hard and fast in the center and left side. It felt like severe pressure pushing on my chest and I felt a stabbing sense of pain in my back on the same area.
The next day I woke up with the same chest pressure, only a little less painful. I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was 146/99 and resting heart rate was 118. Ended up going to the hospital that night to have an EKG and chest exam done. They did not find anything wrong with me. The doctor said if I were older, he would have thought I had a heart attack. But, given my age and health, he said it was highly unlikely.
I have heart disease in my family. My father had a heart attack a year ago and his father died after having multiple heart attacks throughout his life, the first being at age 30.
I have stopped taking the medicine, but my chest still hurts. Although the pain is nowhere near how it felt initially that first night.
Any ideas to what happened/why I am having this chest pain?
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replied April 8th, 2012
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hi dear

your blood pressure is high,he didn't tell you why??you should see cardiologist ?we have two choice either you have real heart disease,or because the disease run in the family and you are thinking about heart disease all the time .my advice to see cardiologist as soon as possible especially your pressure high and your heart beat more than normal.
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replied June 5th, 2012
My xiphoid process was removed in 2004 and I still have a dull agonizing feeling there...especially after I eat and the abdomen naturally bloats until the food is more fully digested. It also aches after I drink carbonated pop. Also, if I exercise and the exercise puts pressure in that area, such as certain Yoga poses, push-ups etc etc. No mesh was implanted during the surgical procedure to remove the detached xiphoid process.
Hopefully with me losing weight and eating less @ each meal, less pressure will be exerted on that area. Also, hopefully Yoga will help re-strengthen the muscles/tendons/etc in that area and the pain will eventually go away...
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