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Chest pain and pain behind sternum

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Hi, I'm 16 amd ive been having some chest pains. So about a week and a half ago all the sudden I got this pain in the back of my head that was killing me and it felt like it was constantly just pushing into one spot behind my head. I occasionally smoke weed with friends and I had some left over so I smoked it for 4 days straight only at night so I could fall asleep pain free. This thing in the back of my head seemed to make me dizzy and disoriented. The day after the last night I smoked, it went away and all the sudden this chest pain came. Every time I breathed, it would hurt just to the left of my upper sternum mainly when I took deep breathes and deep exhales or when I thought about it. Them about a day later, all the sudden my collar bones were hurting pretty bad just saying this In case it has any corellation but the collar bone pain went away the next day. But it's been about 4 days since the chest pain started and now I get it to the right of my upper sternum and behind my sternum as well. Also, behind my sternum feels a little numb. Also, all the sudden, when I drink water, it feels like rather than just it normally going down my throat, it feels like right when I swallow it, it disperses rather than my throat holding it. I'm not quite sure how to explain this part. It doesn't hurt to drink the water but it feels like its going down all wrong. Even when I just swallow my own spit, as soon as it gets past my adams apple, it feels like it goes to the wrong place and I usually get little burps from drinking water lately. The little burps have been happening for about 3 weeks now. It feels like maybe some water is getting stuck right below my Adams apple or something.

Some other things that may be helpful to know are, I starting taking lamictel 6 weeks ago because an EEG showed electrical discharges and I'm weaning off of it right now. Also, I started taking solodyn afor acne bout 2 days before that head pain started and stopped about 3 days into it just I case that was doing anything. I was also taking fish oil, vitamin D supplements, b12 and b6 supplements every morning when this all started.

I'm going on vacation in 2 days so I'm trying to figure what's going on now. I don't want something to happen while I'm across the country.

Thank you so much for your help and patients! Much appreciated!
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