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Chest pain after first time smoking

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I tried smoking in february I have only ever smoked fifteen cigerettes in my entire life. In about march I started to get chest pains when I breathed in. These pains travel round my abdomen sometimes in my back and sometimes at the top of my chest, everyone is saying it's wind but I don't know what to think. I am scared I have emphysema or lung cancer or something like that. I am fifteen. HELP. the pains feel like someone is repeatedly poking me with a needle.
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replied July 21st, 2009
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It is common to experience chest pains due to smoking cigarettes, in form of sharp chest pains that last only a few minutes.
They come from the build up of lactic acid in muscles due to muscle contraction from drugs (nicotine from cigarettes causes blood vessels constriction) that cause blood vessels to constrict and decrease blood supply to the chest wall muscles.
Smoking increases the heart rate, blood pressure and work load upon the heart, and this increased work produced by smoking, as well as the increase in concentration of carbon monoxide carried by the blood in place of oxygen, may be enough to produce chest pain.
You don't need to worry about possible lung cancer or emphysema after smoking only fifteen cigarettes.

Best wishes!
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