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Chest Congestion

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I am a 23 year old male in great shape overall. I am a college athlete and workout 6 times a week. In the last year my heart has went into A-Fib 2 times, both after nights of heavy drinking and drama. The first time the doctor put me on warfarin and then i was cardioverted. The second medication was given and I went back to normal right away. For the past year or so I have had a congestion in my chest at all times...I cant cough it up but i know its there...Also when I drink alcohol my chest gets tight right away and stays that way for a day or so...If I fall asleep on my back I get the same tightness and congestion feeling even worse. Anyways I went to the doctor and had my bloods done as well as an echocardiogram and my bp checked. My bp was 119 over 65 and my cholesteral and everything else was perfect in the bloods. My echo came back "fantastic" the doctor said. I still have a feeling that this is all to do with my heart since it started after the first A-fib and I just havent felt the same since...Any idea what the issue is?
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replied June 30th, 2008
What ever it is, I don't believe that it could be chest congestion. Chest congestion is a serious chronic condition where blood is accumulated in the lungs because of chronic heart's left ventricle failure.
Chest congestion is usually manifested with difficult breathing (dispnea) and not with some feeling that "can't cough something from the lungs". "Fantastic" ECHO report only confirms that you don't have any serious heart disease that can causes heart failure and chest congestion. Atrial fibrillation (AF) can't cause chest congestion. Severe cases of AF can cause acute heart failure but not chest congestion.
I believe that fear from heart disease and the thought that you already have some heart disorder make you anxious so you feel some chest symptoms even if there aren't any (somatoform disorder).
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