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chest and lung infections on numerous occasions

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Iam going out of my mind now.i have had recurring chest infections & pneumonia for the past 2 years now.i have been in hospital on numerous occasions & have been on lots of antibiotics & steroids.iam now after asking my doctor & complaining seeing a lung specialist who is very good & sympathetic.i had a chest xray,which showed i had a shadow on my left lung.he gave me a steroid inhaler hoping it was chronic asthma.but he also said as soon as i got a chest infection i was to be reffered back to him urgently.i have had this infection since october now i have had numerous antibiotics with no help whatsoever, but the worrying thing is i never get any pain,i persistantly cough but never cough anything up.
They have now reffered me back to the specialist after a lot of complaining & telling them to go & read the letter the specialist wrote to them.has any one got any idea of what i could be suffering from.
I sympathise with you all.but just remember keep on at your gp until you are happy with the way you are being treated. If you get no joy from your gp go to your nearest accident & emergency unit & tell them everything,& keep a diary if you have to.
Good luck everyone.
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