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chemotherapy necessity - breast cancer

Hello Dear Doctor,
My mother is 49, she was fairly healthy her whole life. Was diagnosed with breast cancer August 2011 in her right breast. She had a partial mastectomy done in November. Her diagnosis: invasive lobular carcinoma. grade 2.ER Positive, PR positive, and Her2/neu3+positive.

Then she was given four cycles of DOXORUBICIN and COCLOPHOSPHAMIDE, and four cycles of HERCEPTIN and TAXOL. (she has 2 sessions left)

They have scheduled another surgery for September, as the 'after surgery investigation' found out they havent got all the cancer out. And are going to remove the full breast.
She is suggested to get 13 cycles of HERCEPTIN after the operation.

She is concerned if all these chemotherapy sessions are needed? What is your opinion?

Thanks, Anne
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