I am a teen athletic girl. I had a five month abortion which i did not know about cause i had my period it was a really painful and sad I couldnt eat I stoped playing sports because i]I thought i was my fault cause I should of been more responsable and got checked the first time i got dissy but everyone told me it was normal because I over worcked myself evcercising. But the problem is no one knows about I didnt even have a belly I really dont understand and I havent gone to a doctor not even to check myself if I have something inside of me still. I wanted to to know what should i do. I really want to know what stayed inside of me....
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replied October 1st, 2010
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23656622, An abortion is when the fetus gets removed from your body either by taking special medicines or surgically. It cannot be done without your knowledge.

You probably mean a miscarriage? What makes you think you were pregnant and had an miscarriage?

Take care.
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