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Charlie horses in legs

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I have been suffering like crazy for about 2 weeks now with nightly charlie horses in both legs. I do not drink, do drugs, or take any meds except the occasional Tylenol. I don't do anything different in the day to over exert myself so it is not that. I have had charlie horses in my legs before at night but now it is every night and so painful I have to wake my husband up to massage my legs for me.
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First Helper cbeehn

replied July 11th, 2009
night time leg cramps
my husband has the same issue. we have found, if he keeps his potassium in take stable, no more leg cramps. We keep a bottle of potassium on hand for this reason. Might I suggest you add more potassium rich foods to you diet. A banana a day seems to keep his cramps at bay. During the summer months he adds an orange a day as well.

Good Luck..
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