ill try to keep it short... basically, i inserted my into hers, but i immediately pulled it out because i felt like i MIGHT come, only did i came some minutes later through masturbation. this happened NOV11..3 days later she had her period NOV14. on the last day of her period NOV18, we had sex with condom. i did not finish and it only lasted a few minutes... since then, we've been paranoid and worried that she might be pregnant...

after we had (protected) sex for the first time, she had some bright red bleeding (like ketchup she says), what could that be? was it her hymen?can having sex for the first time affect her cycle/hormones?

the beginning of her last period was NOV14, note that she has IRREGULAR periods...its been a month since and she should be getting her period this week, however she hasnt. now, my gf has been experiencing weird stuff lately. she felt nauseous last weekend, but it disappeared...a few days later, her breasts started feeling sore and very painful, and they now seem larger according to her. she's experienced sore breasts before during her period, but it happened a long time ago and this seems worse.she's been having cramps like she's about to start her period, but its been on and off, and she feels like her period is coming... she's on the 33rd day of her cycle but still no period, is that considered late? and could she be pregnant?

here are her cycles from before:
38 day cycle JUNE-JULY
25 day cycle JULY-AUG
34 day cycle AUG-SEPT
28 day cycle SEPT-OCT
22 day cycle OCT-NOV
none yet NOV-DEC

we are praying hard that she is not pregnant...please help... thank you.
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replied December 16th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
She has irregular cycles. Her 'symptoms' are not indicative of pregnancy, they could be anything, even PMS.

Women bleed when they have sex the first time - the first few times. NORMAL.

I hope this has taught you both a valuable lesson. DO NOT EVER HAVE SEX WITHOUT BIRTH CONTROL. Whether it be condoms or better yet, birth control pills and condoms!

If she is late for her period, have her take a pregnancy test. Trust the result (they should be negative) then get an appointment at Planned Parenthood to discuss birth control options!
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replied December 26th, 2009
She FINALLY had her period on the 33rd day of her cycle. (That was a week ago) Nothing unusual, everything was pretty normal.

Is that assurance enough to say that she's not pregnant?

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