Ok, here's the deal. Let me start by saying I am absolutely freaking out, and possibly for no reason.

The reason I am freaking out so bad is well before last night I was a virgin, and now I'm not. Well, my girlfriend had a previous boyfriend who she lost her virginity to, and they always used the pull out method. Well last night things got real heavy and again, I'm a virgin then, anyways we really really really wanted to have sex but I was so scared because I didn't have any condoms, well she assured me that we would be ok, and she's done it a lot. Well, I went in, and I did pull out before I orgasmed, but I'm just so so worried about precum pregnancy.

My girlfriends not too worried because she's done it many times before, and she's trying to reassure me it's ok, but that was my first time ever and I didn't use a condom, so I'm really really freaking out like I feel sick to my stomach. Basically I just want to know what the odds of her getting pregnant from the situation I described. Also if this helps with the info, she was on her last day of her period and she just recently finished, so I don't know if it helps that we did it so close to her period or not, but I figured it might be useful information.

Please, anyone help me out here. Thank you so much.
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replied November 14th, 2009
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The pull-out method IS NOT a reliable method at all. The more you have sex using this method, the more likely she is of eventually becoming pregnant. It is not just precum she needs to worry about, there is also a chance that you may not be able to pull out in time, there is a chance that you may even have a "missed" orgasm and actually come in her without knowing. (The last part is only a very slight possibility, but it can happen)

You, as a man/boy, have a responsibility to YOURSELF to protect yourself. You should not be having sex without a condom, and you should not let her pressure you into having sex unprotected. Tell her you will use a condom and if she disagrees then you will not have sex with her.

She really needs to look at birth control options. Many of them she can get free or low-cost, if she is young or jobless. She also needs to understand that the pull-out method is not reliable and should NOT be used as a way of preventing pregnancy.

Also, you CAN get a girl pregnant if she is on her period, it is not common, but it still happens.

The odds of her getting pregnant are slim right now, but there is still a risk. Any time you have unprotected sex, there is a risk of pregnancy. Wrap it up and have her get on birth control.
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