plain and simple i met a girl we had sex unprotected i know i messed up no need to lecture me on protection,prior to this i was in a 6 yr relationship and this was the first time i had sex since the ending of the relationship,afterwards she tells me she has herpes and is on medicine for it,she said she found out a month ago by a breakout and has been on the meds since! truthful she is i do not know,and havent spoken to her since..basically she said it was my fault for sleeping with her!!!

lowdown on the night of encounter

we made out for a while wich led to me fingering her,then she gave me oral and then we had sex wich was pretty quick and not rough she was very wet my penis only went in half way and i did cum inside of her,,.and i washed off my penis with washcloth n water 2 mins afterwards..prior to sexual activity we shared a few cigs and the filter was never wet and i dont have any issues on my lips

now i have a sore throat,slight pain on my testicles,but felt that feeling before this ever happend,just now more noticable.and light mid-lower back pain/chest pain and slight headache...but i sit hunched over while playing xbox..and i slept funky lastnight..

no signs of anything on my penis at all,but i do have to red bumps on the back of my tounge closest to my throat that appeared today,encounter was on thursday night march 7 2013 130-2 am and its now sunday the 10th,hurts to swallow not much but noticable...

i no there is no true answear to my questions but any insight would be helpful

since after the first night i been very paranoid and anxiety off the wall wich led me to smoking alota ciggerettes bad i know but im worried and scared,iwanna have a family oneday and this is just scaring me!

this was just a one time encounter so what could the odds be of catching anything in general,i do not know if she was having an outbreak as it was dark and i wasnt thinking anything of it,her area down there did have a slight odor if that means anything...any info would be apreiciated and thank you in advance....also did not feel anything unusual with her vagina besides odor but she was drinking and peeded a few times prior to sexual activity..

today march 13th,almost a week later, i see no visual signs of any bumps,discoloration,so i decided to shave my area down there so i can see clearly and everything looks clean and smooth like a babies butt...

also a question on viral shedding i read that it says 20-30% of the time one is likely to be shedding virus,does this mean 20-30 days a month she would be shedding virus?she said shes on a daily pill thats 1 gram? i believe generic valtrex!that she started taking a month + ago when her outbreak occured..

sorry for long post just need some advise,i will be getting tested in 6 weeks,i tested for std/hiv twice prior and both negative but idk if they test for herpes...

any info much appreciated
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replied March 16th, 2013
First, good luck with whatever is going on. Second, I would be very interested in knowing more about this too...!!!

I recently met a great lady and things are progressing. My last relationship was with a very good woman who unfortunately is Bi-polar and so heavily medicated that she had very little sex drive.

So meeting this new woman and things being hot at times made me really look forward to finally having something more normal in terms of a sex life.

On Sunday, the new lady told me that she has Genital Herpes, and that she was having an outbreak attributed to the stress of having to tell me... which of course was very upsetting to her.

Now, I go back and forth from being positive and being scared that I will contract it...

Any help and insight from someone dealing with this too would be greatly appreciated!!!


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