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Champix causing euphoric feelings ? (Page 1)

I have never been diagnosed with any form of bi-polar disorder. But am aware of this and unuderstand it due to the nature of my job role.

I am currently on Champix and in my 4th week. This is my second time on Champix, first time I quit smoking for 6 months. And experienced similar effects to as I am now.

I have never been so alert, organised, switched on, happy as when I am on these pills, I go on mad cleaning sprees till 6am, manage to be super productive at work and go to the gym 5 times a week. I love it, until this weekend I was away and forgot to take the pills with me. Managed not to smoke, but 3 days off Champix and i am finding myself withdrawn. I am lethargic, sad and appear to be what I would describe myself as slightly depressed.

Has anyone else experienced these sort of behaviours on Champix?
When I last came off Champix I was slightly down, I put this on being that I had stopped smoking.
I have started taking champix again, and fear what will happen when i come off it when my course is finished.
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replied August 25th, 2009
Cracking in ears
The cracking started about a couple years ago and has not went away. Now it is to the point where im putting my finger in my left ear and when I do that, it cracks really loud and the sensation is becoming more and more addictive. It seems like it's starting to affect my speech and Im getting alot more headaches. I never used to have headaches growing up as kid. The hearing in my left ear is depleting slowly but surely and my vision seems to be affected by this as well. I think that there is a hole in my eardrum and im pretty sure it is infected. Im afraid the infection has reached my dura or possibly my brain. This ear problem is also causing me to have vertigo I believe. The reason I say this is because everytime Im done cutting my grass, I take a look at it to see what wonderful job I've done. But instantly I start to notice that the grass is moving away from me. It's almost like the motorized thing at the airport when you're standing on the platform and you're moving along with it. I hope someone out there can give me some kind of explanation on what I should do. I currently don't have any insurance and im laid off from work so I can't afford to just go to the doctor. Thank you for taking your time out to read this.
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replied August 27th, 2009
I don't think Chantix makes me feel euphoric per se. I feel good though despite the fact I barely smoke now (day 5 on chantix) and it has reduced PMS and cramps. I just don't see myself feinding for it once I run out of it.

Not sure what the post above about the ear cracking has to do with anything but I will say the day I started Chantix my left ear felt weird all day long, as if it needed to "pop", I was about half deaf in that ear but it seems to have fixed itself (probably not even chantix related)
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replied August 29th, 2009
am I addicted to champix
I am wondering if I am addicted to champix. I have stopped smoking for about 2 months now, but if I forget to take the pill, I am short-tempered and downright nasty. When I take it, it seems to stabilize my mood and I am not so irritable. Anyone else feel like this? Does this mean I need mood regulating drugs to stay this way?
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replied October 15th, 2009
I as well took Champix and quit for about six months. I had one puff after six months thinking I could and it was like I'd never quit, I was waking up in the night to have a smoke. A week into smoking again I went to the doctor and went on Champix once more. I find the same thing this time as I did the first time I took it. I'm alert, confident, busy, organized, optomistic, and generally just fanfreakingtastic, I too go to the gym something I'd never had the confidence or drive to bother to do... I asked my doctor if I should be on antidepressants or something and he said its probably due to me just being happy that I'm free of my addiction.....I'm not so sure though, I feel REALLY GOOD. I would suggest Champix to ANYONE that wants to quit smoking. The only side effects I have had are good, including the amazingly heavenly dreams that encourage me to go to bed earlier than I would normally.
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replied November 8th, 2009
Wow, very interested in reading your comments.I gave up last year for 8 months using Champix. I started again after one 'I can smoke now I am not addicted anymore' cigarette this year. Went on the Champix again for six months successfully then the one cigarette thing again. I have gone on them for the 3rd time last week, and stopped after the first week.
Now heres the thing: When I am on Champix, I go to the gym 6 times a week, dont drink persee, eat healthily and am pretty much on top of the world. When I stop Champix and start smoking, I drink, don't train and don't eat healthy, basically everyhting turns the opposite.
I have told my doctor I want to stay on champix all the time because of the benefits, I dont have any side effects.
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replied November 12th, 2009
I've given up smoking using patches before and felt exactly the same. I think it's more to do with the fact that your body is free from all the chemicals so you have more energy.
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replied April 30th, 2010
I feel the same. I am actually NOT a happy person, haven''t been for years, but I have taken Champix twice, once a couple of years ago (when I gave up smoking last) and now, and I can confidently say they actually make me a LOT feel better!

The only side effects I get is nausea (IF I take the tablet without food) and I get night sweats and restless sleep (but a few uncomfortable nights to help give up smoking is worth it).

You know there are at lot people/organisations saying Champix causes depression, but did you know the drug actually started as an anti-depressant!!!

I'm not sure about when you give up (I can't remember if I felt bad last time). But I suggest you talk to your Doctor and maybe give it up with lower dosages.
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replied May 23rd, 2010
I concur
The first month on Champix I felt euphoric and outgoing but this quickly turned into a deep depression. To the above posters complaining about their ears I would say it is most definately the Champix because I developed Hyperacusis from it. Champix affects the Central Nervous System so it can have a wide range of effects on your body. It is a very nasty drug.

Here is my story:

I took Champix in March of '08 and I am still suffering from most of the side effects of this poisonous drug. I started to feel some of the bad effects (nausea, mental fog, trouble sleeping, sore eyes, constipation, gas) of Champix right away but I was determined to quit smoking. I was able to make it through the full 3 month course but when I stopped taking it is when I really got messed up. I developed Psychosis NOS, Major Depressive Disorder, suicidal, Emotional instability, agression, rage, hallucination, Somatoform Disorder, Delusional Parasitosis (bug crawling sensations all over my body), Hyperacusis (sensitivity to certain frequencies of sound causing severe pain and pressure in my ears), Severe Insomnia, Memory Loss, Hair was constantly hurting all of the time and lost lots of it (27 year old male), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (started as extreme constipation and gas, fatigue, Severe Eye pain, unslightly puffy bags under eyes, excessive weight gain, gingivitis, prostate pain, black out and become out of control when drinking, decreased sexual pleasure and ability to maintain erections. I think that is everything!!! I went to the psych ward recently due to being suicidal and at a breaking point with my symptoms and I was treated like scum and given brain damaging neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) drugs against my will. I have made some small improvements since taking champix but it looks like the nightmare will never truly end. If you are one of the many that gets burned by this medication be warned that the doctors will probably not be able to help you and will most likely deny that anything is even happening to you or that it is related to Champix and the side effects may be permanent.


please spread the word. If you have already taken Champix please report any side effects to Health Canada, FDA etc so that they will take this poison of the market before it destroys more lives. Doctors are not obligated to report adverse reactions so you must do it yourself.

I have seen many reports on the web saying Champix is great from people who are still on it. I understand that many people who take Champix experience only minor side effects while on Champix but in my case I really got screwed up after I stopped taking it so please do not post until you are done taking Champix and let us know how you are before telling other people how great it is.
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replied November 22nd, 2011
This sounds like an essay from a scientology manual!
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replied December 1st, 2010
I was on champix for 7 weeks, I did not finish the course due to thinking i was going mad, breaking down in tears, not sleeping and having horrible thoughts. Have been off the champix for nine days, and head is feeling better thoughtwise, but have aches in my hands, legs and head so is that the withdrawal from champix? Have not smoked for 24 days so that is good, and like anything that affects your head, their is no pain with gain, but at what cost?

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replied February 13th, 2011
Started three days ago... Feel good positive and thinking i can do all the things I did before I started. But also felt very quesy/nauseous, and having vivid good but strange dreams. Third day and havent smoked and don't think I will again, though I think I will have to stay away from the booze as it will lead to further temptation. Will update in a week or so.
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replied February 20th, 2011
To all friends trying to quit, would like to share that alternative methods (not medication) help us better with a complete quit. It is mainly the mental make-up / understanding that matters more.
Many complain of having side-effects / get temporary benefit from medical drugs like Champix!
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replied March 6th, 2011
hi i started just having one ciggi now and then after quiting pack a day habit 7yrs addicted again quickly evil nicotine!so i recognise the feeling of major nicote poisoning after night out and niccotine withdrawl.i started taking champix stopped smoking really easy but cant stop champix or want to smoke again.while taking champixs i feel stimulated like the feeling of smoking too much but without sickness whezeness badsmell ect.weird thing is that feeling of niccotine burning taste is in my mouth from champix.and cant sleep vivid weird dreams.have strong feeling champix has same affect as niccotine would if it was possible to get that much into your body without smoking it.smoking is worse because want more all time champix once a day but still feels wrong .but if i stop champix all withdrawl symptoms of niccotine come back .is champix some kind of niccotine?
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replied April 10th, 2011
Thank you to the above posts, definitely food for thought.

It has been two weeks no smoking for me. Formally a 15-25 cigs a day. I stopped smoking from the first day taking it. I attribute this to the fact that i was ready this time to quit. I have stopped cold turkey before and a previous champix attempt did not work (although i did not complete course)but champix has definitely curbed cravings and kept me off.

I too have an incredible positive outlook on life, which was not there prior to taking Champix. My moods are levelled and yes I would say I am happy, something i have not said in a very long time.
Very weird, I am also organised and excercising and I'm very clear as to my future plans. Anyone seen the movie 'Limitless' yet? ok, not to that extreme but there has been a major positive change for me.

For a second i too questioned if i am in need of some anti-depressants if this has such a positive effect on me. But my gut feeling prompted me to do an online search on this, as did yours.

Since i do not have cravings i am only taking one champix pill per day as i am not a fan of taking pills.

I think common sense needs to come into play. My personal conclusion after reading up on positive champix effects is: if you can achieve the same result on a smaller dose (one tablet) do so, as clearly some people have negative effects once coming off despite the highs. I guess everything has its price.

Bugger, I am liking this added bonus of being super positive in addition to not smoking but I am heeding the warnings and will ween myself off, one tablet every second day and cease taking Champix when confident I have kicked the habbit.
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replied April 23rd, 2011
I thought i should follow up on my earlier post (2 weeks ago). I did stop taking champix a few days after this post and i have not had a cigarette either!!!

As for my moods they are not as 'high' now as they were but i am still positive without anything synthetic in my system!! No other symptons either.

Use it to help you quit but stop taking it as soon as you can.
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replied April 19th, 2011
I stopped taking champix around a week ago and since then my body has been so week, my neck keeps locking up, im getting cold and hot flashes all day long and even my eyes hurt, but then for a couple hours it just goes away im not sure if it from not taking it anymore or what. I am sleeping way better now which is the reason I quite i was like a walking zombie!!! Just wondering if anyone had the same effects when stopping??
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replied November 1st, 2011
Champix is making me feel good
I am 5 weeks into my Champix course, I have stopped smoking very easily but I too, have questioned whether I was a little depressed before I started taking tham. I constantly feel happy now whereas before I was feeling low and everything was just quite mundane, now I feel in a good mood all the time and even when im having a bad day im still smiling, I am looking at everything from a different angle ie glass half full as oppose to half empty. These feeling are not just because I have stopped smoking, as I have stopped before and I didn't feel this good. Now I am worried about coming off Champix as I feel I might go back to being miserable like I was before. The only thing I would say is ive been eating more as if I don't take Champix on a full stomach it makes me feel sick for a couple of hours. My sleeping is much better than it was before, I used to wake up constantly in the night and really struggle to get to sleep whereas now I am straight off and having fantastic dreams.
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replied January 8th, 2012
Keep me on Champix!
Yep! I feel like positivity is the side effect of Champix for me ... I get so much more done, can get enthusiastic about work, am organised - everything I haven't been for years (if ever)
I'm only taking 1 a day - having successfully given up smoking about 2 years ago using Champix. Not taking the 1 tab per day my moods go backwards ...
My question would be - what are the effects of long term Champix use? I hope never to come off it!
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replied January 23rd, 2012
Champix the better way
You know this is amazing, I have been on Champix since November and I too have the good side effects, I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, been clean for 19 years, the place in my brain that wants a cigarette is the same place in my brain that says lets have a drink, so I know there is an addiction place in your brain. I have also not felt this good in forever, i do not stress out over money, my job life in general as I usually do, I like my life, I enjoy my life and I always have except I could not see it through the stress and worry. I have a part of me that can't be calm, always thinking always worrying always stressing over the smallest of things and I now go through the day with so much more of a positive feeling and this is an inside feeling and it is nothing like an antidepressant (been there done that) not anything like illegal drugs (been there done that) and nothing like alcohol (been there done that) I am not a young kid and I know the difference, this is a good thing so those of you who are hypocondriacs and believe everything you read have fun with that, for those few who have abnormally bad side effects seek help and discontinue use but for those of us that have that little place in our brains that needs help to be at peace this stuff helps you quit smoking and gives you peace.
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replied January 20th, 2012
I was looking for just this exact info.
I used Champix to help quit smoking. I used it for the full 12 weeks and did stop my 25+ a day habit and I have not smoked in almost 4 months.
My problem is that since stopping the CHampix I seem to be extremely depressed. Like many of you I was never a very happy person but now I am close to tears most days, have no motivation to do the simplest of chores, and seem to be very depressed.
It is not getting better, in fact each day seems to be harder to get through.
I want to feel like I did when I was taking Champix but can not find any info on whether this would be a bad idea health wise.
Has anyone found out any more information on the long term affects of this drug?
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replied January 30th, 2012
Life without Champix?
What do you plan to do Not2Day when your 12 weeks of Champix are up?

I too would happily stay on Champix for life but getting the medication prescribed as an antidepressant here in Canada is an issue and the high cost is problematic.
I am not getting over this depression naturally and it is hard to be thrilled with my non smoking status when I feel so badly.

Like you I have been down the antidepressant road before (all they did for me was make me not care I was depressed) and like many of you here I have never in my life felt as good, happy, focused, etc. as I did when taking Champix.

So for those of you who had a great expierience quitting smoking with Champix ...... what did you do / are planning to do when you quit the drug.

Is Champix more addictive than smoking?
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replied February 8th, 2012
OMG,... i am 3 weeks in and from day one got the most unfortunate horrid nightmares and only in the last two days has this begun to subside, i also got a breakout of the tiniest little dots on my arms and legs, kinda funny actually after reading the above... now the whoa i understand bit... my moods have swung from totally bliss, to slightly bugged out, to completely peeved, to anger and then the blubbery tears(i thought i was losing my mind).
headaches and aches in the body, HOWEVER...

after 25 years of not having breakfast or lunch have found a new enjoyment and taste and appreciation for healing foods, healthy foods, salads ects (so fab!) and as for this weary bag a bones (my Body) am full of beans and am running rings around my 1 yr old Pitbull, who would have thought id be running and jogging and walking? NOT ME, my skins improving, my eyes are clear and my teeth even look whiter. W> O > W = WOW

so i clearly see the benefits of this stop smoking cure, its great, but i wonder about the moods swings? will this subside or could it get worse before it gets better? i have fought the ugly demons of alcohol, drugs, abuse, loss of family... but wonder if i should get off these now? or hold on a little longer? your thoughts and ideas appreciated... J
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