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What is chronic fatigue syndrome? We outline the medical definition and different types of CFS in this intro section....
What causes chronic fatigue? And who does it affect? We outline the main factors doctors think contribute to CFS in this section....
Symptoms of chronic fatigue are also common to other disorders. Learn to identify CFS symptoms and when to seek medical help here....
Suffering from CFS/ME almost 7 years already Any tips??
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replied October 17th, 2011
I recently re-joined this site after being absent since 2007. After reading my profile from 2007, I am still on my journey for a diagnosis. To date I have been told this could be CFS/Fibro. Diagnosis made as no clinical results have proven otherwise. Two years ago a positive ANA, elevated CRP, elevated sed rate. My symptoms have not changed for over 5years. Intermittent relapses debilitate me with fatigue, joint pain, tingling and muscle pain..legs especially upper thighs wax and wane with pain. I would be interested in hearing your story. What symptoms you experience and how often they seem to happen. I will add that over the years I have been to teaching hospitals, tried many different drugs, to no avail.
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