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CFS what?

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I am a 45 yr. old male in what I thought was good shape. I was just diagnosed with CFS and fibromyalga (sorry about the spelling)
I have been in pain since my mid twenties. I thought it was just work related, I worked in heavy building/construction. Just recently (last year and a half) I lost about 70% of my strength and my small motor functions in my hands(can't peel a potatoe)
so now My doctor has me taking Lyrica 75mg twice takes some of the aches away but not all the pain.
I have to say I laughed at the doctor when he said I had CFS, I told him I thought it was just a imaginary disease. what is my next step? am I supposed to just keep taking this med forever?

thanks and hello...I am new to this forum.
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replied April 9th, 2011
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