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cervix pain during menstruation?

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is it possible to have cervix pain during menstruation?
Also, when I go to pee it hurts too when I begin to empty my bladder. It's not a burning feeling or anything resembling a UTI (and I've had one of those before and I would know if it was that), but the pain is pretty bad. I don't have a fever... in fact my last temp was 97.6.
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replied January 15th, 2011
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You should not be having pain...generally when their is pain it is your bodys way of saying something is not right.

Please make an appt with your gynecolgist.

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replied October 12th, 2016
Did you figue out what it was? Im experiencing this now and am uncomfortable. The only time i find relief is when im on the toliet and can let myself pee. But any other time esp. when i sit it hurts
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