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Cervical spine degenerative disease

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I have been received non-surgical treatment for approximately ten years. Neurosurgeon speculated five years ago that some surgical treatment may become available by 2010 or later. However, that is not yet the case as I understand it. Recent MRI results are provided below.

Main Questions:

1. Am I missing any surgical opportunities?
2. I realize that I face some risks for paralysis should I have a fall or another injury to the neck. How at risk am I? How careful do I need to be?
3. I would like to see a neurosurgeon who is on the cutting edge of new techologies in treating my condition. Can you recommend someone?

MRI Results:
Axial Skeleton: The overall height of the vertebral bodies is preserved. Loss of disc space height with both ventral and posterior disc protrusion c3-C4. loss of disc space height with mild endplate changes and posterior disc protrusion C4-C5 and C6-C7. Normal alignment of the facet joints.

Skull base and cevical cord demonstrate normal signal characteristics. Normal Size and configuration. No syrinx in the cervical cord.

Intervetebral disc: Normal, except:

C3-C4: A large central subligamentous disc protrusion. Mild central spine canal narrowing. Mild mass effect upon the ventral aspect of the cord.

C4-C5: Disc osteophyte complex with posterior cervical bar. Mild to moderate tricompartmental narrowing. AP dimension of the cord measures 6.

C5-C6: Annular bulgin disc.

C6-C7: Disc osteophyte complex. Small posterior cervical bar. Mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis.


Spondolytic multilevel degenerative disc disease.
Spinal canal stenosis - C3/C4, C4/C5, C6/C7

Thank you for taking the time to review this and respond.
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First Helper cknowledgeiskey

replied February 14th, 2010
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how is your pain level? is your surgeon looking ahead to you having disc replacement surgery? i believe there have been multi-level procedures done here in the usa.
we are not drs here and even if we were it would be necessary to view the mri images and compare your symptoms to those images. i have no idea as to how unstable your spine is and how probable paralysis would be if you were injured. if in fact you are in danger of paralysis it may be best for you to use whatever procedure would stabilize your spine now rather than waiting for future technology....pete
have you obtained a second opinion.
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