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Cervical cancer/ovarian cysts/lots of questions

I am a 38 year old female,Diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer and ovarian cysts,
Thats all i know
My doctor has the worst bedside manner ever but the reason i stay with him is he is an excellent surgeon,and i would rather have a good surgeon with bad manners than a happy go lucky guy who is a crappy surgeon, I have an apointment in a couple weeks with my primary care dr so she can answer some questions for me,

I was diagnosed 3 months ago with early stage 1 cervical cancer, , 6 weeks ago i saw my gyno/oncologist who staged me at earyly 1, Said i need a radical hysterectomy which is fine with me, im done having babies and who needs a painful period every month, He said he is comfortable waiting 12 weeks but no longer to do the surgery which put surgery close to the end of june,

I have ovarian cysts which the biggest is 1.5x2.0 cm, Im not sure if this is big, small or what, i ask him and he just smiles and nods and says all is well,
I am trying to lose some wieght before my surgery, I have EA sports active for the xbox 360 at home and after working out for 20 min ( i was interupted by a storm) i noticed some bleeding like i was having my period, and some intense pain in my lower right side. But it didn't last long, I know i have/had a blood filled cyst on one of the ovaries and im not sure if maybe this leaked or popped or what,
But a day later i felt fine, I really want to do a lot of walking, swimming and light cardio, maybe yoga to get myself stronger before surgery, But im also nervous about what my limits are,

Im also wondering how long it takes to get from early stage 1 to stage 2 or even late stage 1, I can ask my dr Tuesday when i see him again but he doesn't like when i ask questions, Personaly even though im very uncomfortable sometimes i would like to wait until July or august to be able to have my surgery,

I have no support system,. When i get out of the hospital my mother in law will be here for a couple days then im on my own, My husband is in his last months of school and can miss a total of 3 days without having to take a class over again, Oddly enough he will be getting his degree in radiation therapy . I think part of him is secretly hoping i have radiation therapy so he can write a paper on me, hahah

Anyway to make this long story short im trying to get info on cervical cancer, when i google search it all i get is stuff on HPV, I would really like to talk to someone else who has stage 1 cervical cancer or non cancerous ovaraian cysts, its funny how the cysts cause me more pain than the cancer itself,
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