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ceoliac disease and smelly anal leakage

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so about 8 months ago i had ecoli poisoning, since then i suffered witha smelly anus and n matter how many times i shower iy comes back.
so i had a colonoscipy and an endoscipy and it turns out i have ceoliacs disease
i have change my diet, i am very physically active and in good shape.
i am only 22 and this smelly bum problem is humiliating as you can imagine
and my self esteem has taken a massive hit .
now i am extreamly frustrated because i cant eat anything with gluten or lactose so im eating really healthy but i still stink!
any ideas???
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replied January 27th, 2012
is there some kind of medication that gets rid of the smell and the problem itself? Speak to your GP about it and see what they recommend if they haven't already done so.

Also it could be an STI, you dont necessarily need to have intercourse to contract it, you might catch it from using public toilets etc.

When you go to the toilet, try to wash yourself with clean water from a muslim shower hose because this will clean the area and then just wipe. Its much better than just wiping alone, and carry a packet of wet wipes with you just incase.

It could also be an infection which could easily be treated with anti-biotics.

Im not a doctor, but have studies medicine a bit, these are just suggestions but i strongly recommend a trip to the doctor for better medical advise.

Good luck
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