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Celiac disease /weird stomach pain

I'm a 22 year old girl. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 6 months ago. I've cut out gluten from my daily diet. For the past week I've been having weird stomach pains about two inches down from the center of my rib cage. I only feel them when I don't sit up straight (hunch over) or lean/bend over also when I take deep breaths. It's a slightly harsh pain but then lightens up after a quick minute but hasn't fully gone away for a week.
Things you may also want to know, I have severe psoriasis on both elbows and knee caps also ear lobs and a little on top of my head. Very dark stole, occasional bleeding in stole, off and on again diarrhea. I've actually gained a ton of weight over the past year and a half (I've always been between 130-140 all through high school and 2 years into college, now i'm 197) I've noticed my vision has gotten slightly weaker and sometimes I can see specks in my vision when sitting or laying down. I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade but for the last 3 years I feel its gotten worse (I fell like I have Altimeters) I'm wondering if this is a side affect from my newly diagnosis of CD.
Overall i'm a mess and don't feel good, any suggestions to why my stomach is hurting with weird pains??
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replied August 6th, 2013
The pains sound like gas pains. They happen way more often when you have Celiac, especially when you're first detoxing. Try taking Pepcid AC to help with the pains, or even a TUMS or other ant-acid will help.
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