Hello, I will first start by explaining my situation and I hope that you will not think negatively about what I am trying to accomplish. I am 17 years of age and all I have aspired to do as a child is join the Air Force. I have recently been undergoing the interview process and passed everything with flying colors except my medical. I was classed as being medically unfit due to the suspicion that I have celiac disease due to various medical conditions through my life. As I have never been diagnosed with celiac disease I started an appeal to the rescission and am going to get a biopsy test done on the 15th under the advice of a specialist. The reason I was rejected was because the defence force cannot provide special meals to soldiers, especially when deployed. I told them that I have eaten a regular diet my whole life, but they still need 'proof' that I can eat a regular diet in the form of an endoscopic biopsy. Even though I eat a normal diet I am worried that the test may return positive as I do seem to get diarrhoea more often then most. What I would like to know is if it is possible to ensure a negative test result. The only things I can think of doing is eating a higher level of iron and refraining from gluten for the period leading up to the test. I know that many people frown upon trying to 'fake' a medical test, but I am only trying to safeguard my future working in my dream career. And that you could provide an unbiased recommendation instead of telling me that I shouldn't try to fake a test.

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replied July 18th, 2013

I would just say with all respect, that I would not think it would be a good idea to try and 'cheat' your biopsy.

While I can understand that you have always dreamed of being in the Air Force, I would also add, respectfully that you are only 17. At 17, it is difficult for anyone to truly understand what they want to do with their life, simply because you have not had the opportunity to experience enough different work/career situations.

The military has these regulations for your benefit as well, while it can be difficult to see the long term impact of their decision - do consider the consequences if you get severely sick while deployed, you won't be helping yourself nor your country.

With Celiac disease, your symptoms can get worse if you continue on a gluten inclusive diet and in the long term raises your risk of a number of stomach cancers.

Perhaps you can join the military in another capacity? Whatever your decision, I wish you the best and would just leave you with one piece of advice if I may - it is always better to tell the truth.

Best Wishes.

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replied August 23rd, 2013
I don't really know if a gluten-free diet will insure a negative biopsy. My advice would be to find out for sure if you infact are gluten sensitive. This I say because after teen years is when a person really begins to physically feel and notice the effects of consuming gluten (which can make you want to follow a gf diet). Celiac tends to lay dormant in adolescent years.
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