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cavities and lymph nodes

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Ok, so I'm 14. and about 9 months ago I got kicked in the face during a game of footy. and it broke he 6th bottom tooth going from the middle towards the back on the right. and a first it hurt and went away, then i started to notice some lymph nodes in my neck, just 1. fairly small probably no bigger then my index finger across and the width is about the same too. There is also one in my crap, Probably as big as a pea. both a movable, and are rubbery (like if you picked up some tread off a tyre and squeezed it, thats how it feels). My gum is blackish around that area, and this is still no pain, about half the tooth is gone too.I don't brush as much As i should.

So my question is, Are the two connected somehow?
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replied January 4th, 2009
can someone answer? Thanks Smile
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