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cause of lump under arm

i found a lump under my arm while i was in the shower and it doesn't hurt, it is pea sized, and it's been there for about 3-4 weeks now. what is it?
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replied July 7th, 2009
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Lymph nodes under armpit that are up to 1 cm in diameter, are considered normal.
Swollen lymph node due to infection in arm can lead to soft and painful lymph node, usually resolving in 2 weeks.
Sometimes, following infection lymph nodes occasionally remain permanently enlarged, being non-tender, small (less the 1 cm), having a rubbery consistency, and lasting for longer than 2 weeks.
If you find this lump to be like non-tender and firm, you may consider visiting your physician for breasts examination.
It is very important to undergo breast check up, since cancerous cells can change the lymph nodes first, even when there are still no breast cancerous changes.

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