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Cause of hymen break ?

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Hello. I'm new to this sight but I have some questions. I'm 16 as is my boyfriend and we are both virgins. I feel comfortable around him because he has not pressured me in any way. I'm just a little nervous and scared to have sex. We glhave done other stuff just not oral and regular sex. I heard from a friend that sex hurts really bad the first time and that you can rip the inside of you vagina. Another friend told me that having sec hurts because the women's hymen breaks and that it causes blood. But I read somewhere that using a tampon breaks the hymen.

I know I heard a lot of things I just don't know what true. So I have a lot of questions: what causes sex to be so painful? Does the hymen break due to sex or other things like a tampon? Is it ok that I'm nervous about having sex or am I just scared for nothing?

I really hope you can answer my many questions
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replied December 13th, 2010
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sweetpea1600, It is mostly the tearing of your hymen causing blood and pain. Not all women will experience pain and blood. For most girls, it is a pretty uneventful event.

Using tampons will stretch your hymen a bit. It does not destroy it.

Make sure you protect yourself from pregnancy, infections and STDs. Never have sex without a condom, even if you are on the pill (at least until you are in a long term relationship). Also make sure you are very well lubricated. Having sex when you are dry can cause a lot of pain and some tearing. Get a persona lubricant (water based) from the same place you get condoms if necessary. Men are almost immediately ready for sex. It takes a lot of kissing, rubbing, massage and foreplay to get you ready.

Take it slow and careful. Remember that you do not have to have intercourse at this time. There are many other activities that can give you pleasure without having intercourse.

Take care and PLEASE be very careful.
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