Some pretty shady messages back and forth on a private email. I had to recover the emails from the deleted folder. Her excuse is that I am controlling and breaking her heart all time so she wanted to teach me a lesson with hopes that it would save the relationship. To me this sounds distorted. She told me she knew I would find the messages and wanted me to feel pain but swears up and down that nothing happen between the two of them and that it was only for attention that I wasn't giving her. She showed me all the emails back and forth and a lot were deleted that I couldn't recover. The messages I found in August were definitely the most hurtful the first message I found was a picture of a cat between a naked girls legs and she rights to the guy "subject : you wanna pat my !**@!? Sorry I couldn't help myself" he replies "I would love too baby is that really you in that pic?" She replies "I don't even have a cat man that's my lesbian friend sending me memes plus I am way more sexy then that" then a few days go by and I find these... "I saw one of your coworkers at my doctors appointment today he made me think of you miss you sexy man!" he replies "who was it.... Always thinking of you baby saw you at shell on my ride home and I beeped" she replies "you should have stopped by and scooped me up mister Wink Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment in town and watched you drive by around 630ish in the rain so sexxxy. Dan was the coworker I saw. It Never fails something always jogs my memory back to you no matter where I go Smile but that's on top of you on mind anyways. Another jammed packed full day today grrrrrr. "

Few more facts before I ask some questions.
-they have been talking back and forth on email from April until I caught them in August. She says nothing ever happen and that she didn't cheat on me. Based on the facts presented above do you think she really was loyal and didn't cheat or is she just lying because I literally ruined her relationship with that other dude he is scared to death now. She's got no one but me i am 29 she just turned 40 seems like she's trying to keep me around by telling me what I want to hear. I'm just lost and confused I can't be with a person who chooses to treat me like this... I'm open to make it work if she didn't physically fool around with the guy but I just don't think I'll ever truly know or believe her when she tells me that nothing happened. We are going to counseling we both agreed to it she even says she will do a lie detector test she swears up and down nothing happened. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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