Has anyone had complications after their surgery, even if its been a years later? I had surgery in 2005 in my left eye when I was 25 yrs old. That in itself isn't common getting it that young. My vision can never been the same. I always felt as if the lens kept on moving and most of the time I saw halos or if I move position (laying down to sitting up, yoga poses, etc). Do others experience this? I also see a difference in the shape of my pupils after along hot shower.

I have been told by several doctors I do have Uveitis. And that might be some of the problem. Five yrs later I woke up with a severe inflammation of my left eye where I couldn't see. It was like seeing thur a thick frosted glass. The doctor didn't know what caused and so he suggested something else was causing it. After a week of chest x-rays, blood test, doctors...nothing was found.

Today at 33 yrs old, my cataract lens have shifted so much that part of my cataract lens is sticking outside the iris and into the Anterior Chamber. If you are familiar with a cataract lens, it has two tails, an upper and lower tail, each curves in opposite directions. It looks like a tiny worm is hanging out of the pupil (I have pictures!). Needless to say my vision is all halos. It is safe to assume the capsule that holds the lens in place is gone. Most likely they will need to stitch the lens in which will give me astigmatism.

My surgery is two days away. Anyone else experiences this?
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replied April 8th, 2013
It is ideal that you consult an efficient and popular optometrist asap and have a thorough check up before cataract surgery. Make sure that you don't go for any random optometrist.
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