I am allergic to cats and am a severe asthmatic. I see a therapist once a week who has at least 2 cats in her home (her office is in her home). They do not go in her office while I am there but do sometimes when I am not. After hour sessions I will be sick for sometimes 2 or 3 days with my asthma and allergies even though I am only there for 45 minutes. She does not think it should be affecting me since she does not have carpet and keeps it clean and offered to have me sit on a wooden chair instead of a material one. Do you think me sitting in the wooden chair will make difference, is it normal for only 45 minutes there that I am sick?

Thank you
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replied May 4th, 2010
Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

I have many patients who are similar to you. Everyone's allergies are different and everyone will react differently when near a trigger. You are in the severe category of this especially when mixed with asthma.

If you have these difficulties at this persons house a wooden chair will not make a difference. Cat dander is in the air not just on furniture. While cleaning MAY help someone with a slight allergy it probably will not help someone like you and can sometimes make allergies worse. Being in the same house as cats especially if they are sometimes in the office will trigger your allergies and asthma.

As for your last question, it is normal for just 45 minutes. Some people get sick after just a few minutes after being on contact with an allergen. Cats also tend to be more of a trigger since they are constantly cleaning themselves.

Good luck and feel better.
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