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Cast Removed - Toe area still sore

First off I apologize if this is deemed a duplicate post. I have searched the forums and not found and answer to my question

As per my previous post t-metatarsal-bone-on-right-toe-t311576.htm l I fractured my first metatarsal bone on my right toe about 3 weeks ago and my foot was put into a half cast and I was given crutches to use

Last Friday was 3 weeks since the incident and I had been told to come back to the doctor to see the healing progress. So I went on Friday and he took some more X-rays and said it looked like the fracture had healed well and that I could take the cast off and walk on the foot which I have been doing since Friday now

What I have now noticed is that my foot has gotten sore to walk on. Friday it was fine but Saturday and Sunday it was sore and I found myself walking on the outside of the foot (opposite to the toe) to keep pressure off of it. The pain is not where the toe fractured which is the right side of the toe but more on the left side of the toe. It is very sensitive and sore to the touch. Also the bottom of my feet are sore too. I cant bend my toe freely either

Is this normal and will it get better or should I go back to the doctor. Today I am keeping as much weight off of it as possible

Thanks for repleis in advance
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replied November 21st, 2011
Especially eHealthy

It is very common to be sore when coming out of immobilization. It does not take long for the joints to become stiff and develop decreased range of motion. The skin also softens and is very sensitive.

You should try to work on range of motion in a non-weight bearing manner. It is often helpful to warm up the tissues before doing any therapy. Warm tissues are more pliable than cold one. So, a hot shower, hot tub, whirlpool, pool, hot soak, whatever, just something to warm up the tissues.

Then, while sitting, work on ankle, foot, and toe motion. Go through all of the planes of motion with each joint.

You might also want to use a cane, in the hand opposite the injured foot, at first. It will take some of the weight off the foot and allow you to walk in a more natural and proper biomechanical gait.

But, yes, it is very common to be sore when coming out of immobilization. Work on your motion for a few days, but if it is just not doing any better, or you get worse, contact your surgeon for advice.

Good luck.
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