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Casein lead to clogged milk ducts ?

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I have been breast feeding my daughter for 3 months and have had an unusually high number of clogged milk ducts. I'm drinking Herbalife "Nutritional Shake Mix" and "Ensure" three times daily, both of which list Casein or "Milk Protein Concentrate" as a main ingredient. My question is can this intake of large quantities of Casein make my own breast milk coagulate and clot more easily and therefore lead to this high number of clogged milk ducts? This is an important question for me because I want to continue to breast feed but the clogged ducts, engorgement and resultant Mastitis makes it very painful and difficult. My other question is how much if any Casein might my baby be receiving through my breast milk? Her father has a Gluten and Casein allergy and she has shown some allergic reactions to Cow's milk the couple of times she was unfortunately given formula. Any other ideas on diet and clogged milk ducts are welcomed!
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replied May 21st, 2008
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I moved this to parenting, I thought you might get more answers there.
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