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Carpet Cleaners? Cough Problem...

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I've had a cough now since before Christmas. It noticeable started when we put down some carpet deodorizer powder and vacuumed. Since I have been coughing.

It has slowly gone away then not so much. We vacuumed again and it happened again, this time without the powder and once again vacuumed and it started heavy again.

It's just a hard dry cough, sometimes heavy, really heavy if we vacuum, then just annoying otherwise. I've noticed it SEEMS less when outside or out of the house which led me to believe it's an allergy or reaction.

When we do vacuum I noticeably cough harder, more, and eventually it becomes hard to breath. It's like someones on my chest and I have to focus to actually breath. That typically happens laying down at night. If I cough hard it's easy to breath again for a minute or if I suck in real deep it clears up for a second.

Another thing is I recently started working out more as I'm not in the best shape, after a hard mountain bike ride the cough was very bad, constantly coughing with every breath, but that could just be from working out in the cold weather, no?

Any input on this? I won't be using the vacuum again for the time being or maybe trying a different vacuum in case that powder still gets stirred up when I vacuum. Is there any good over the counter meds for an allergy or something like this? There are no other symptoms and I barely can cough anything up, it's very dry. Every now and then I get a headache but that's just from coughing so much I think.

Any input greatly appreciated.
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replied January 20th, 2013
I'd like to also add I don't and have never smoked nor have lived in a smoking environment.
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replied November 2nd, 2013
Yes some people who have some allergies from the dust may get the cough problem while carpet cleaning.
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